Frequently Asked Questions

Coverage begins at 12:01AM (your local time) on the contract purchase date and ends when the contract expires or is cancelled under the provisions of Section M (contract cancellation section) See your contract coverage booklet for details

If paying in-full with a credit card is not the best option for you, we can set you up with an 18 month payment plan that starts with only a 10% down payment and 17 monthly payments set up to automatically charge your car

You will get to select your deductible amount to fit your preferences, but unless specified or reduced, the standard is $200 with a $50 discount for having the unit serviced at the dealership

Unlike some warranties, where if you miss one scheduled maintenance appointment and the coverage is null….our program has less stringent requirements.

New & used coverage terms from 90 days up to 7 years
Eligible motor homes include those up to 13 previous model years

Start by filling our the Free Quote form and once we have that information we will send you a quote and make sure you understand exactly what you will be getting in your coverage.